Tener Duende  \dü-ˈen-(ˌ)dā\ : an energy that strikes humanity, creating a feeling of deep wonderment of one’s surroundings in nature


The little girl switches off her fan, and the sound of cicadas and tree frogs rush into her bedroom. The rest of the house is quiet, drawn up the leftover pieces of the day’s heat and tucked them to bed. She is supposed to be asleep, but… pulsing under the moon, the night stretches its cool, velvety paws through the open window. Throwing off the sheets, she inches her toes onto the sill, steps out, and dives deep, embraced by the summer evensong. A firefly and a clap of thunder; she is all and she is nothing, moving in the fabric between dreams.


When I was young, I wrote as a way to take in the changing faces of nature around me; the heated whir of forest in deep summer, smells of pine under a harvest moon, icy teeth of winter nibbling the window, the awakening of spring in brown marsh grass.

Now, I write as a way to listen and respond to life and Her constant invitations-  invitation to stillness, invitation to wonder, invitation to join in the struggle of the ‘other’. I write to root myself and free myself, to travel through the shared seasons of life; of growth and harvest, of birth, death, and rebirth.

Andrea Writes the World is a place to set off some of my responses to that call; balloons in the atmosphere that sow meaning, seek healing, and search for wisdom from the pieces of this world I walk through. This blog is a chronicle of my travels, thoughts, and experiences- as a birth doula turned Global Health Corps Fellow, working for maternal health in rural Uganda; as a post-third culture-kid back in her comfort zone abroad; and as a human, of the female variety.

I am here to learn, my mind and heart a sieve through which Creation pours Herself. I hope that within this little forum you find stories of beauty, grace, and struggle; and that through my free dive for Truth, you embark on new ways to seek your own.

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